The lights that flashed in the sky that night were too bright to be a weather balloon, and everyone knows it. The quiet skies of Roswell, New Mexico were lit up with a hot streak that lasted over four seconds. Anyone who didn't see it, surely heard about it the next day. But now.... nothing! Not a word.

The local government hasn't made a sound about the white lights that were burning across the sky.. in fact, they deny that it ever happened.

You and your team of investigative journalists have arrived to find out the truth. Knowing you can't get answers from the bureaucrats that run the base that has come to be known as Area 51, your team has decided to break in and get the answers yourselves. You've found a brief window of time and made your way into the facility. You have just 60 minutes to find out what this base is hiding and get out. If you're captured, you may never be heard from again.

Work together to solve the puzzles and unlock the mysteries

that lay within. Get to work!

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