When you attempt one of our escape rooms for 60 minutes of your life, you will become totally removed from your current world and will focused on nothing but escape. The circumstances that are created bring about excitement, laughter and ample amounts of adrenaline, forcing you to manage yourself efficiently and effectively with others thus creating an amazing team building experience. Whether you escape or not, at the end of the day, you will have created a memory and will have learned communication lessons that will be etched into your mind forever.

Participants get to become part of a plot and a cohesive unit that actively controls the story line of their session. Gone are the days when we only had the option to just go to a movie and watch the action unfold. With Gr8 Escape Venice, you get some skin in the game as you, your friends, family and co-workers become the protagonists who race against the clock to determine your own fate.

Gr8 Escape Challenge is a team building activity that creates scenarios where participants must rely on each other, their ability to communicate and creative genius to escape a room. It implements leadership, communications and problem solving skills that are used in the every day work place. Participants must use their wit, sleuthing skills, team work and sheer determination to find clues, solve puzzles and unlock a door within 60 minutes to escape a room.




Gr8 Escape Challenge Venice -King's Gambit

king's gambit

king's gambit

Escape Rate 25%

Gr8 Escape Challenge Venice -Area 51
Gr8 Escape Challenge Venice

Strange lights were sighted over Roswell, New Mexico. Increased military activity can be seen all over. No one really talking, you hear rumors and it's the same thing over and over again, "They've found aliens." Your group has infiltrated "Area 51" the top secret military installation. Now that you're in, can you solve the mystery that is Area 51?

Escape Rate 50%

Gr8 Escape Challenge Venice -JIG
Gr8 Escape Challenge Venice

Escape Rate 35%


You wake up in an old bathroom. You have no idea how and why did you get there..... You don"t know that you are in great danger. A psycho mind wants to punish you for all your sins and he has his psychotic plan to make you

appreciate LIFE.

Gr8 Escape Challenge Venice
Gr8 Escape Challenge Venice

A world class HITMAN is closing in on his next target. You must deduce the location and identity of his target. As well as the method of execution he will use.

Can you and your team handle the pressure of this task?  Some of the best in the world have tried, and failed. What is your fate?

The Rooms


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Gr8 Escape Challenge is conveniently located just off of Rt. 41 in Venice, Florida...

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